Creating a virtual machine on VMware Workstation 16.x for Windows Server 2022 deployment

In this story I will discuss on how to prepare a virtual machine on VMware Workstation 16.X for windows server 2022 edition installation. All instructions will be straight forward for the learner in learning process. I presume learner is already having a VMware Workstation on his desktop/Laptop. If not please download a trail version from product site. A VMware player also works fine for this learning.

Step 01:

Open your VMware workstation, and click on create a new virtual machine.

Step 02:

Keep default selection and click next to proceed.

Step 03:

Window will give 3 options, whether you want to install from a disk or an ISO image or want to install it later. I am selection option 3 and proceeding forward. Click next.

Step 04:

Now you need to select what kind of OS to work on. Select Microsoft Windows and select version of OS. As I’m using workstation 16 it has option to select only Windows Server 2019 at highest supported one. In newer version of this product present OS will be added soon.

Step 05:

In this step give a name to OS you are deploying and save the virtual machine to a location by directly entering path in text box or by browsing through button. Click next.

Step 06:

Now in disk capacity window, give the size of disk. This depends on the local hard drive space you have. Do not go for very big sizes as it will create issues. Select the option to store the disk as single file. This improves performance of hard drive. Click next.

Step 07:

Virtual machine creation window will be ready to create VM. Please do not directly go for creation. Change the values that helps in better performance of OS. Click on customize hardware. Perform below steps:

Change the Memory allocation to 4GB

Select the ISO image for installation

Change network configuration to bridged, and replicate physical network.

Step 08:

Now you are ready to create VM with modified values. Click Finish.

By performing above steps you have prepared the raw VM box, and need to deploy windows on it. In next article I will explain how to deploy Windows Server 2022 preview.