Business requirement:

Business needs two storages in different Azure cloud regions that should sync files between them without cost to company and inline to security requirement. Both storages will be accessed from on-premise server.


  1. Azure subscription access
  2. Administrator privilege to run PowerShell or PowerShell ISE on remote server or Desktop
  3. Set-Executionpolicy to remotesigned or unrestricted in PowerShell environment


Step 01: Login to your subscription and create two resource groups in two different regions using Azure portal or PowerShell. Below PowerShell lines create them for you.

New-AzResourceGroup -Name ‘EastUS2-RG’ -Location ‘EastUS2’

New-AzResourceGroup -Name ‘WestUS2-RG’ -Location ‘WestUS2’

Step 02: Create…

In this story I will discuss on how to prepare a virtual machine on VMware Workstation 16.X for windows server 2022 edition installation. All instructions will be straight forward for the learner in learning process. I presume learner is already having a VMware Workstation on his desktop/Laptop. If not please download a trail version from product site. A VMware player also works fine for this learning.

Step 01:

Open your VMware workstation, and click on create a new virtual machine.

Step 02:

Keep default selection and click next to proceed.

In this story I will give you an overview on how to deploy Oracle WebLogic Server version on RHEL 8.0 operating system. Follow the step-by-step instructions given below for smooth deployment of product.

Step 01:

Download the WebLogic Server from the Oracle website. For this you need to be an registered user in Oracle portal. If not, register and proceed for download.

Step 02:

Once download is completed extract the zip folder into the same path. Make sure your OS meets all the requirements to proceed further. These will be changed for each version basing on product features.


Venkata NS Dhulipala

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